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November 4, 2018

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Making The Time... For MAKING The Things You Love

September 7, 2016

 People frequently ask me how I find the time and energy to work in the studio after my "day job" of teaching.  Well.......... oh sorry I had to yawn for a second...as I write this I am legitimately one eyeballing the screen type of tired from two long work days back full time teaching and yet I am here, still writing it.  Why? Well because it is something I said I wanted to do.  Not because I have a deadline or someone else is anxiously waiting for my next run on sentence of a blog post, but because it is part of who I am OUTSIDE of work and although I am tired, it is ultimately something I enjoy and do for me, myself, and I.  In fact, sometimes I have been so tired that I could literally fall sleep at 4pm until the next morning but I will force myself (at first) to sit at my studio desk and start painting or pull my laptop out and work on my website.  In doing so, I actually find that I end up receiving an energy boost that I did not think I had left in me.  Suddenly, I am more alert, and suddenly it is 9pm and I'm sitting there wondering how the heck that happened considering I was so exhausted earlier.  That moment of alertness is the breaking of the barrier.  I have learned from this breakthrough that the trick to find the motivation and energy to work is to actually just start working.  Sounds annoyingly obvious and simple doesn't it?  I know, but seriously, if it is something you actually do ENJOY, the energy burst WILL happen.  Maybe not every single time, because lets be honest, sometimes naps are not optional, but it will happen.  I could perhaps liken this to other things that are hard to build up motivation for like THE GYM, but I won't from personal experience because truthfully I HATE THE GYM, nay I despise it.  I will never be one of those people who finds it to give me life or energy and I think that is because I genuinely do not like it... yes I have tried to... every year... for a month at a time.  If you ARE a gym person however I can assume that my whole energy receiving thing I mentioned above applies to you, but I also assume that it is because on some level you really do enjoy it and that is the true reason you feel energized by the zen and euphoria achieved in doing said thing that you love.  Many times the issue we face is not exactly whether or not we have the time, but whether we have the dedication to make that initial move to start making moves and therefore putting ourselves in the position for the time and energy to magically appear within us.  Yes time and energy are magical, not the I wish I went to Hogwart's but my letter never came impossible magic, but more like there's something in the air but I can't explain it type of magic.  So please, if there is something you love making, or doing, stop trying to find the time, and instead, find the magic that comes when you just get to work.  Dedicate five minutes to start.  See where it leads.  Maybe you'll come to an hour later and realize all those other things you thought were important to do first were no longer urgent.  Maybe you find an energy boost.  Or maybe you end up passing out after five minutes, but hey, at least you now know you can make it from the bed to the studio chair.  Kudos. 


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